105 – Blockchain Smart Contracts

Setting up automated smart contracts for business can increase business, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction. Using smart contracts can result in new business risks legal liabilities, there are several options to convert contract legal terms into automatic software contracts, and changes to business legal operations are needed. Listen to this podcast to discover the key benefits & risks of automated contracts, options for creating smart contracts, and key tips to reduce risks and increase smart contract flexibility.


About Debbie Hoffman, ESQ

Debbie Hoffman Esq. is a Blockchain expert with a background in law, finance and business. Her endeavors focus primarily on education, strategy and implementation of enterprise blockchain projects as well as compliance questions related thereto. She is an expert editor for Blockchain Dictionary (blockchaindefinitions.com) and co-author of “Blockchain Technology and Business Implementation” book. Debbie is the founder of Blockchain Technology and Business Orlando Meetup Group and a popular speaker at conferences and events, as well as a guest lecturer at universities and colleges.


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