Blockchain Media Podcast

Blockchain Media Podcast

Blockchain media podcasts are audio interviews with leaders and experts in Blockchain technology and business that is being used for Broadcast, Streaming, VOD, and other media services.

We convert our audio interviews into text, slides, and videos to make it more accessible to our readers.

Topics Covered:

Blockchain Movie Funding o Movie and Show Production o Decentralized Distribution o Content Protection o Media Licensing o Streaming and VOD o Broadcast and Interactive Advertising o TV Apps o tCommerce o Media Storage o Dapps o Ticket Sales o Social TV  o Blockchain Law o Stock Media o BaaS o Blockchain Media Players o Oracles o Remote Workflow o Live OTT o Cloud Video Editing o Distributed Billing o Interactive TV o Second Screen o Broadcast VR o Royalties o Special Effects o Certifications

Session Topic and Guest Submissions:

If you or someone you know would like to be interviewed on Blockchain Media Podcast, please send an email to:

Sessions and Guests:

Lawrence Harte – Publisher Blockchain Media Magazine – Blockchain for Media

104 – Blockchain App Development – Akash Takyar

103 – Introduction to Blockchain Law – Debbie Hoffman

Chris Wagner – CEO of OTT Advisors – Blockchain Media Content Strategy

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