Cryptocurrency Tokens for VR and AR Systems Provide Purchase Verification

The sale and purchasing of virtual items can have difficulty with traditional credit card and banking services. Purchases may be done with stolen accounts or purchasers can dispute transactions. To solve this challenge, has created a cryptocurrency token and purchase process that allows VR and AR users to easily complete transactions and provide verification information for virtual items.

Unlike in-game tokens, cryptocurrency tokens can be used with other games or earned by uses from reward loyalty programs.

At the end of 2018, Fortnite players were purchasing over $300M USD per month virtual items such as clothes, weapons, dance moves (“emotes”), and other items. The total market value virtual items from multiplayer online games exceeds 100 billion dollars.

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Blockgraph TV Advertising System Provides Viewer Privacy, Advanced Targeting, and Viewing Metrics

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Broadcasters need ways to provide customer privacy while being able to target ads based on viewer interests and activities. To make this possible, Comcast has setup the Blockgraph peer-to-peer advertising platform allows viewers to protect and control their data. It also can provide trusted ad viewing metrics to advertisers. The Blockgraph system provides a secure, privacy-optimized “identity layer” which securely gathers user information. Broadcasters and publishers can target delivery of their ads use to these criteria without getting access to the user identifying information. The system can also track ad delivery details providing broadcasters with new ways to measure and optimize their advertising campaigns.

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CYDigital Uses Blockchain for New Ways to Target and Deliver Search Results and Ads

CYDigital Blockchain Search & Advertising System

Advertisers want to insert ads when people are searching for specific items or topics. According to CYDigital and other research, a majority of ads are mistimed or mistargeted. Advertisers want trusted and low cost alternatives to search engines and online advertising systems. 80 percent of consumers believe that personal data is their property and that they should be able to use it as they see fit according to DMA research. To solve this challenge, CYDigital has setup a Blockchain system that provides ad targeting, protect viewer privacy, and provide detailed advertising metrics to the advertiser.

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