Blockchain can be used for Movies, TV Shows, Videos, and other media to get funding, track and protect media, and create new ways to generate revenues. The market for global media and entertainment is over $2 trillion+ for movies, television, commercials, streaming media, music, and other forms of publishing [Movie.io] and the United States movie and entertainment industry will reach $804 billion by 2021 [Price Waterhouse Coopers]. Blockchain systems can speed up, provide trust, and add transparency by gathering, validating transactions, and sharing with authorized users. By 2017 there were already dozens of operating blockchains in almost all levels of the media and entertainment industry. Figure 1 shows key levels of the media business and key areas that Blockchain adds speed, efficiency, and trust value.

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What are Some of the Key Ways Blockchain can be Used in the Media Industry?

Movie/Show Funding – securely sharing offers, processing investments, and tracking payments

Movie/Show Production – identifying, protecting, access, and tracking uses of media

Content Licensing – identifying media assets, use authorizations, and use tracking  

Movie/Show Distribution – to publishers (DVD), distributors, and theaters

Movie/Show Streaming – validating users, usage transactions, fraud tracking

Content Protection – device identification, authorization, and content fingerprinting

Advertising – creating private profiles, targeting ads, tracking engagement

Co-Promotion – on and off screen offers, processing transactions, paying commissions

Fan Media – validating contributors, filtering unacceptable content